Connor Schumacher

Connor Schumacher is founder and artistic leader of Stichting ARK.

Connor has developed as a dance artist under the wings of Dansateliers. Here he made The Fool (2015), Asset, Liability and Equity (2016), Exhibition (2017), OK Future (2017), THREESOME (2019) and Funny Soft Happy & The Opposite (2019). Connor's social choreographic practice developed through his participation in several European research projects, including Performing Gender, Dancing Museums and Empowering Dance. in which he searched for new ways of interaction with an audience and the soft skills people can develop through dance. In 2019 he won the Prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen.
It is his deep belief that society would be better if we danced everyday.


Dansateliers receives structural subsidy from the Performing Arts Fund from 2021 - 2024. With this support, the ARK/Connor Schumacher and Dansateliers will continue to work together on equal footing in a mutual relationship towards a world in which there is room for every body.

Dansateliers in Rotterdam is an independent house for the development of dance and a home for dance artists in development. The organization supports emerging choreographers in finding their artistic signature and works with four associate dance artists, including Connor Schumacher.

ARK Team

Connor Schumacher

Artistic leader

photo's: Aqueene Wilson

Delta Lowe


Karina van Bezooijen

Business manager
Creative producer