building the ark

We are building an ARK.
A metaphor for mobile house
that can survive the forces of nature.

And this time -
every body’s welcome.

ARK is committed to Fair Pay / Fair Practice. We follow the CAO guidelines in all payments and the 5 principles 

ARK is committed to the Code of Diversity & Inclusion

We approach these codes through a framework called: R.I.S.E

Representation – Invitation – Stimulation – Expectation
We believe if we implement these principles from our
core facilitating team and who we invite into the artistic
practice; the content, practice, working methods will
grow as some sort of spiral up and outwards from itself;
a more sustainable structure, where each cycle of growth stabilizes the last.

  • Representation:
    • Refers to ensuring diverse and equitable representation across all levels of an organization; artistic and organizational. This includes representation of different gender expressions, ethnicities, class background and other intersectional factors.

    • Creating  a variety in the practice and working methods and eventually  who can see themselves and connect with the work. You can ensure the seeds of solidarity, sustainability and trust in your facilitating team, artistic teams and the people who come into contact with the practice.

  • Invitation:
    • An inclusive work environment where both artistic and facilitating teams feel invited to participate and contribute. This encourages to invite and welcome diverse talent and skill sets, fostering a culture of inclusion.

    • Transparent processes for sharing experience to foster a sustainable working atmosphere. From confidential, personal and professional moments of reflection within the artistic and facilitating team.

  • Stimulation:
    • to encourage continuous learning and development. By facilitating moments where the artistic and facilitating teams come together as a whole to see where the body of the organization is moving towards on a particular project or in its ambitions.

    • To ensure that members of the organization can give feedback to leadership to stimulate development and improvement.
    • To give space to grow towards one particular skill set or ambitions.

  • Expectation:
    • Setting clear expectations regarding compensation and role responsibilities. This includes transparent communication about how pay decisions are made and the criteria used in performance evaluations.

    • Clear role delegation in the artistic process to ensure people know which frameworks they can explore and craft. If this doesn’t meet expectations we can always go back to the invitation for dialog to stimulate a new collaborative outcome where possible.

    • Importance of setting expectations regarding the growth of their own role and compensation; fostering trust and confidence in their own path as well as the organization.


  1. Society would be better if we danced everyday.
  2. The things we practice physically become our skills mentally.
  3. Straightness is a concept – everything is made out of curves.
  4. Inclusion is cool.
  5. Love is a collaborative work of art.

“New metaphors have the power to create a new reality. This can begin to happen when we start to comprehend our experience in terms of a metaphor, and it becomes a deeper reality when we begin to act in terms of it.” Lakoff & Johnson – Metaphors We Live By

ARK Team

Connor Schumacher

Artistic leader

photo's: Aqueene Wilson

Delta Lowe


Karina van Bezooijen

Business manager
Creative producer