building the ark

We are building an ARK.
A metaphor for a mobile
structure that can survive
the forces of nature.

And this time -
every body’s welcome.

ARK is looking for new board members!
(x/v/m) Secretary, Chairperson, Treasurer
We are looking for people with an affinity and love for dance
to help us realize our ambitions for the future to join our Board of Directors

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The skills we practice physically
become our skills mentally.

ARK is building towards an organization that strives to bring the physical culture of dance to anyone and everyone who wants to move; shifting the idea of dance from being only a performance art to the fact that dance is an applied art that gives our bodies the tools to craft our humanity.

If life is a performance, we need to practice.
From the theater to the museum; the classroom to the public square; from digital dancefloor to the physical dancefloor; ARK aims is to offer and exchange perspective and culture through social choreographic practices that both rehearse and perform social possibilities for a more equitable future.

It is no longer a question:
Society would be better if we danced everyday.

Dance is not ephemeral. It is the living, breathing, pulsing, sweaty proof of what makes us essentially human. Its embodied knowledge brings activation and engagement of our most fundamental human skills.

““Other than gaining agency…the dancing body therefore becomes a supplement for the political struggle in both mobilizing its forces and alleviating its inevitable failures and grievances by enjoyment.”
Oliver Marchart

“New metaphors have the power to create a new reality. This can begin to happen when we start to comprehend our experience in terms of a metaphor, and it becomes a deeper reality when we begin to act in terms of it.”
Lakoff & Johnson – Metaphors We Live By

ARK Team

Connor Schumacher

Artistic leader

photo's: Aqueene Wilson

Delta Lowe


Karina van Bezooijen

Business manager
Creative producer