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General Information

STATUTORY NAME: Stichting ARK – Connor Schumacher
RSIN: 860985337
KVK: 77366867
BTW: 8609.85.337.B.01.
Address: Stationssingel 73, 3033HD, Rotterdam ZH

ARK’s mission is to bring as many people into movement as possible, physically and mentally, with a diverse range of sensational dance experiences that give people access to joy, and resilience to make them feel alive.

By teaching people how to create an unconditional vibe (read: inter-connection) with each other through contemporary dance performances and our social dance activities, ARK gives society a boost. Because that vibe is energetic and loving; and like love, it is an essential part of our existence that can only flourish if you work and shape it together. To do that, ARK is offering and building an organisation from the soft skills and human values with which dance strengthens.

From our conviction: love is a collaborative work of art. We believe that instead of endlessly producing, we can create a counter-movement by creating a culture of consuming to participating by making space for everyone and practicing being human by dancing together. Ultimately, we aim to promote togetherness, emancipation and self-determination through dance.

Our concrete goals are as follows:

– Create more dance spaces where everyone feels welcome.
– Enrich the field with innovative approaches to engagement and inclusion.
– Promote innovation through multidisciplinary collaborations and approaches.
– Develop a new ethos of participation, communication and fun in fields that dance can touch such as theatres, festivals, and nightlife.
– Spread our ethos in fields that dance such as museums, municipalities, corporations and other institutions.
– Spread a culture of participation and communication by involving more stakeholders in the maker process.
– Build an embodied understanding of the diverse communities that make up our society.
– Advocate for individuals from often excluded groups and communities to access and participate in the field of dance.


ARK operates according to the Board + Management model. The board leaves policy-making to the management and has primarily an advisory and supervisory role. ARK subscribes to the Culture Governance Code and applies all its principles, which are fully in line with the organisation’s philosophy. The distribution of the mandate is laid down in the articles of association, there are management and board regulations. In the composition of our board, we have paid attention to a diverse composition and potential conflicts of interest.

The Board of Directors is comprised of:

Chairperson: Sasha Ojeda Mendoza – Head policy officer Nachtcultuur @ Gemeente Amsterdam
Secretary: Nadine Zijp – Manager Marketing, Communications & Development @ Nederlandse Dans Theater
Treasurer: Job Rietvelt – International Performing Arts Developer