Club INC.

    assembly required / everybody included

    Love is a collaborative work of ark

    In the beginning
    There was intention
    There was expectation
    There was anticipation

    There was you
    There was the other
    There was us

    There was the world
    And there was every body in it

    In Club INC. - Theater Babel and ARK/Connor Schumacher come together to share a world they are building. An inclusive world, an inclusive space, an inclusive dance floor.
    With 9 abled and differently abled performers, they will start from the beginning and build with intention, knowledge and experience, to create a world you can see yourself.

    Welcome to Club Inc.

    Made in 3 chapters

    1) The Big Bang - The material: the physiological, the psychological, the sociological research of dance as an applied artform for creating an inclusive environment. (this why we will dance together)
    2) Adapt or die - the evolution of inclusive space: creating and understanding our bodies in an intentional dance space, to foster the development of our most essential human skills. (this is how we will dance together)
    3) Revolution - to turn around again and examine how we can share the dance floor through joy, inclusion, and understanding and appreciating the differences between us. (let’s dance together)


    Theater Babel Rotterdam

    Bio ⟶


    Bio ⟶


    30 Sep ‘23 
    premiere: Club INC. 
    Festival Nederlandse Dansdagen 


    ClubINC is a co-production from: ARK/Connor Schumacher, Theater Babel and Dansateliers


    Made in collaboration with:
    Patrick Nassy, Terence Patra, Mary-Jane Mijnhijmer, Ali Ozdemir, Milton Oliviera Soares, Victoria Ochoa Urrea, Mohamed Boujarra, Majon van der Schot en Connor Schumacher

    Dramaturg: Maaike Schuurmans

    Lichtontwerper en technicus: Edwin van Steenbergen

    Costumes: Jessica van Halteren / Mulas Hybrid Haus as a part of Outsiderwear

    Campaign photo: Studio Jan Hoek

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