Funny Soft Happy & the Opposite

If life is a performance this is the final rehearsal

Build stamina for life.

The ultimate fantasy turns into a reality in Funny Soft Happy & The Opposite: life as a technojazzmusical experience. If life is the real thing, then this is the final rehearsal. As life rages on Funny Soft Happy & The Opposite offers a way out. Six dancers show a high-intensity training for the mind and the body, helping you build stamina for life. Full of rainbows, smoking mirrors and the dazzling expressions of the body thanks to Bob Fosse-musicals, neuroscience and work-out videos from the eighties; these six diverse bodies show you what life could be like when we live by metaphors of the body.


Concept, choreography: Connor Schumacher
Music Edit: Connor Schumacher
Video: Connor Schumacher
Made in collaboration with and performed by: Mohamed Boujarra, Sandy Ceesay, Courtney May Robertson, Karlijn Roest, Majon van der Schot, Paolo Yao, Jiaman Zhan
Dramaturgy: Maaike Schuurmans
Technique: Edwin van Steenbergen
Image: Noortje Stortelder
Costumes: Noor Mulders (Dragadina)
Production: Dansateliers
Financially supported by: Fonds 21, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Stichting Zabawas, Gemeente Rotterdam.

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