An epic theatre show that brings together gabber aka chav, opera and modern dance

ARK was invited to choreograph this high-speed spectacle that is presented as a tough-as-nails fairy tale for the entire family.

The story of the genesis of hardcore culture is experienced via the Paulus the Woodgnome DJ character who comes to the boarded-up city to liberate the young people from the unbearable boredom of being. A cross between something resembling ‘orange gabber’ for aficionados of dance and hardcore culture in combination with classical ballet, Greek tragedy, opera, and chamber music. Once the show is over, you can stay for the gabber rave and keep dancing as DJ’s including DJ Rob (with MC Joe), Panic, and the Rotterdam Terror Corps keep turning the turntables, you know how it is….


Majon van der Schot

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Mohamed Boujarra

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Cara Wittenhaus

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Louis van der Waal, John Buijsman, Elise Caluwaerts, Sophia de Geus, Dennis Rudge, Matthijs Wognum, Music/film: Paul Elstak, DJ ROB, DJ Panic, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Nina Hitz (cello), Rowan de Vos (piano), Anne Bakker (violin), dancers Majon van der Schot, Mohamed Boujarra, Cara Wittenhaus and choir.

Text, music, and direction: Hajo Doorn and Louis van der Waal, Music production: Evil Activities, Choral arrangement: Marco Hoving, Costumes: Nada van Dalen, Scenery: CO2RO, Choreography: ARK/Connor Schumacher i.c.w. Majon van der Schot – Made and performed in collaboration with Mohamed Boujarra and Cara Wittenhaus, Production: Marieke Holtes, Lique van Gerven, Text and acting advice: Joachim Robbrecht, Music management: Rowan de Vos, Co-production: O. festival, Scapino Ballet, Codarts, 100% Hardcore

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