a social choreography with a social process

We hold space for

The soft body
The curved body
The strong body
The social body
The unseen body
The unknown body
The dark body
The powerful body
The body full of light
The body of pain
The body of joy
The body in need.

We hold it for - The body that needs to move!

What do you bring into the space?
What assumptions, what skills, what strengths, what baggage?
What body language, physical culture, what attitudes, what ideals?

As social humans we have embodied behaviors when we come into a social situation; a history that has built up our own individual worldview.

Do you know how the world looks through your eyes?
Do you know how the world looks through another’s eyes?

After seeing, feeling and sensing the distance between us;
Do we have the skills to move the social body back together again?
Will we know how to hold onto it?


Joana Cavaco

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Gabriel Fontana

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Jeisson Drenth

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Deborah Sumter

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Romy Rockx

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Connor Schumacher

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09 Jun ‘22 
premiere: HOLD 
Theater Rotterdam, Dansweek 
10 Jun ‘22 


Co-productie: Stichting ARK / Connor Schumacher & Dansateliers
Financieel ondersteund door: Fonds Podiumkunsten and Gemeente Rotterdam
Made with: Connor Schumacher: social choreographer and founder of ARK
Romy Rockx; Theatremaker De Vrouwen Van Wanten and founder of the Queer Gym.
Jeisson Drenth; Video- and multimediaartist and diversity consultant.
Gabriel Fontana; Spatial & Social Designer.
Deborah Sumter: Doctor Circulaire Economie & DJ van collectief AMPFEMMININE.
Joana Cavaco: Performer en Community organizer off Kontra & Slutwalk and for Black Pride en BLM.

HOLD is the first co-production within in the 4-year collaboration between ARK/ Connor Schumacher en Stichting Dansateliers.

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