a social choreography with a social process

HOLD is a social choreography with a social process. Six makers working in the fields of social- and spatial design, the arts and community organising strive to create a space that welcomes every body. In this space, makers and participants form a microcosm of society. Together we practice what it means to be human in an increasingly polarizing world.
How do we hold each other in this?

Everybody is an actor
Everybody is a performer
Everybody is rehearsing
Everybody is practicing — holding it together

In short, scenes we will rehearse the metaphors we live by.
We - sensational human beings - are going to be sensational together, to experience and learn through that experience. We will transform the theater into a Fortress, a Stronghold, of intentions and actions to empower us to move into the future in all our various directions

We will
Dance together
Observe together
Listen together
Let our voices be heard together

Expect to be challenged.
Expect joy, laughter and tears.

“Other than gaining agency...the dancing body
therefore becomes a supplement for the political
struggle in both mobilizing its forces and alleviating
its inevitable failures and grievances by enjoyment.”
- Oliver Marchart

Sharing sessions
Leading up to the première, different open sessions will take place together with the makers, their communities and networks, the theaters, presentation spaces and the public. The intention: to collectively shape what HOLD can and needs to be.


Joana Cavaco

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Gabriel Fontana

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Jeisson Drenth

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Deborah Sumter

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Romy Rockx

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Connor Schumacher

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08 Jun ‘22 
try out - Theater Rotterdam, Dansweek 
09 Jun ‘22 
premiere: HOLD 
Theater Rotterdam, Dansweek 
10 Jun ‘22 
Korzo, Den Haag 


Co-production: Stichting ARK / Connor Schumacher & Dansateliers
Financially supported by: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Gemeente Rotterdam and Bank Giro Loterij Fonds
Made with: Connor Schumacher: social choreographer and founder of ARK
Romy Rockx; Theatremaker De Vrouwen Van Wanten and founder of the Queer Gym.
Jeisson Drenth; Video- and multimediaartist and diversity consultant.
Gabriel Fontana; Spatial & Social Designer.
Deborah Sumter: Doctor Circulaire Economie & DJ van collectief AMPFEMMININE.
Joana Cavaco: Performer en Community organizer off Kontra & Slutwalk and for Black Pride en BLM.

HOLD is the first co-production within in the 4-year collaboration between ARK/ Connor Schumacher en Stichting Dansateliers.

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