I trust in this life (series)

We'll have another moment alone

In this performance Connor uses inflatable objects to highlight
the ever changing nature of identity.

how you experience your own identity?
What are the difficulties in understanding an identity
that is in relation to you,
and what are the effects of the social forces
on our ability to perceive ourselves;
together or apart?

A series of durational object performances.
I trust in this life poses the question:

How do you treat an identity that you do not understand?

Connor's first venture into the museum/public space and the first social choreographic project; the content of these performances is not only the metaphors and sensual experience you have with the object; but how you witness the behavior of others and how they themselves treat the object.

For the unknown other:
Do we care?
Are we scared?
Do we need to understand?
Are we allowed to approach?
Are we allow to touch?
Are we allowed to embrace?
Are we allowed to poke?
Are we allowed to hit?
Are we allowed to destroy?

We are the rules, principals, and boundaries of how we interact with the unknown other?


I trust in this life: we'll have another moment alone
I trust in this life: beyond tribalism
I trust in this life: the hand of god


Bonnefonte Museum
MAMbo - Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna
Jan Marten's Evening - Theater Tilburg
Theater Festival de Parade
Witte de Withe Festival
Festival Motel Mozaique

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