Pilot PC

a rave session — it’s nothing without you!

A simulated rave as a hyperprocess of life. To foster a culture that moves in all directions

Pilot PC is a rave space.
The space is going to move
And we are going to dance.

It will be:
complicated / loud
difficult / energetic
reflective / transformative
social / engaging / at a healthy distance
It will give you space to make decisions
and at the same time manipulate you towards movement

The beat, the words, the decisions, are designed to make you feel alive in your body.
It will be intense.

It is dead serious and it is for your enjoyment
Pilot PC is a space designed to practice reformatting the body.
Through the persistent and resilient reminder of what dance can do for the body and the mind.

The practice of being human continues.
2020 is no joke, so we better go hard.
What better place to practice – than the rave.
Whoever wants to use this space; you are invited.
Whoever needs this space; it’s there for you to claim.


Social Choreographic Project: Connor Schumacher
Rave Crew: Paolo, Mohamed, Rebecca, Barros, Djuna, Giorgio and Karlijn
Video/text: Connor Schumacher
Music edit: Connor Schumacher
Collaborator: Majon van der Schot
Dramaturgy: Maaike Schuurmans
Technician/Decor/Light: Edwin van Steenbergen
Production- en business management: Karina van Bezooijen
Co-production: Dansateliers en de Nederlandse Dansdagen
With support of Grand Theatre Groningen Financially supported by: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Fonds 21, Gemeente Rotterdam. Special thanks to Jeisson Drenth, Deborah Sumter and the public that attended during the development of this project.

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