The Fool

No space is safe from the Fool.

Using metaphors body and scientific facts, he walks into whatever room will have him and shapes the perspective and rules of the space to reveal more about our human condition and the beautiful mess we’ve made of humanity.

Shamelessly stepping through social codes in space, The Fool drops people into their bodies to connect to their individual culture and communal archive that we share and how we can use cultural spaces as a place to practice being human.

Always serving critical thought, comic embodiment;
give him an inch - and he'll take a mile.

The Fool has become a series of performances and interventions in multiple contexts. Theaters, classrooms, museums, galleries, festivals, train stations, public squares - no place is safe from The Fool.


Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
Groninger Museum x Jonge Harten Festival
Museum het Schip x Offvenue x Julidans
Garage Rotterdam


Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Lowlands Festival
Rotterdam Centraal Station
Schouwburgplein Rotterdam
Erasmus University
Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten


Character, Performances, Concept, Texts: Connor Schumacher

Made with the support of Dansateliers, and FPK Nieuwe Makers Regeling.

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